Sunday March 29: Latest arrival day in Berlevåg 

Monday March 30: Briefing and preparation, testing and local kiting

Tuesday March 31: Race start

Details in the Race Manual

Options - explained below

  • You get to Berlevåg on your own Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 
  • You get to Kirkenes/Vadsø on Sunday and get on the VAKE-bus
  • If you are not able to arrive Berlevåg on Sunday, please inform us in the application form or e-mail us on post[at] 

You can travel to Kirkenes, Vadsø or Berlevåg with either plane, car or Hurtigruten.

Travelling by plane

You can travel with SAS or Norwegian from Oslo to Kirkenes every morning, from other airports to Kirkenes and/or fly with Widerøe from Kirkenes (or other airports) directly to Berlevåg. Widerøe cooporates with SAS and you can get connecting flights when ordering your ticket through them. To make the VAKE bus, you have to be in Kirkenes no later than noon March 29. 

VAKE Bus Transfer Kirkenes Airport – Berlevåg Sunday March 29 at 12.30

At 12.30 or after last flight has arrived, a transfer bus for VAKE participants will take you to Berlevåg. The bus will be in Berlevåg around 16.00 (can be delayed if bad weather). 

Buy your plane ticket as early as you can

Buy your ticket as soon as we have confirmed you for VAKE. The tickets will most likely only get more expensive as we get closer to VAKE.

Transportation of skis and pulks on planes

Excess baggage (in addition to carry-on baggage) is cheaper when booked in advance (as you buy your ticket). SAS will also ask you to register that you are travelling with skis or special luggage.

You'll find the details at and

NB: You can hire pulkas from VAKE. Check the option in the registration form.


Travelling by car

It is possible to drive to Berlevåg. However, all participants are transported to Vadsø after the race, so then you should have someone to drive your car back from Berlevåg to Vadsø. 


Travelling by Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten travels the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. You can travel with Hurtigruten from Kirkenes to Berlevåg or from Bergen to Berlevåg if you want to make the most out of your trip. If you choose this option, you have to travel with a boat that arrives in Berlevåg on Saturday March 29 (or before).

How to get from VAKE 2020

Hurtigruten departs from Vadsø 07:15 on Sunday and corresponds with the early departures of SAS and Norwegian. We'll arrange taxi transfer from the hotel in Vadsø to the Hurtigruten port. You can book your ticket in advance here

If you would like some more time in Vadsø on Sunday, check out later departures with Widerøe from Vadsø with south-bound connections.


The VAKE bus photo Ekaterina Golitsyna
                                                                                                                        THE VAKE BUS. Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE



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