Start VAKE 2017 photo Samuel BayThe list of VAKE teams / heroes 2019 is complete! We have 32 teams fighting for the WISSA World Champion title representing Denmark | Canada | Czech Republic | Finland | France | Germany | Norway | Russia | Slovakia | Sweden | Switzerland. Among them three all female teams, five mixed teams, four family teams, new teams and teams with a new participant. 

 Photo:Samuel Bay / VAKE

Teams Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2019 - WISSA Long Distance Kiting World Championship

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Alliansen: Thomas Sørensen and Morten Clausen from Norway/Denmark

Beckett Brothers: Thomas Francis Beckett and Anders Francis Beckett from Denmark

Beito Kite: Svein Yngvar Willassen and Nicolay Flaaten from Norway

Crazy Dahus: Stéphane Delaunay and Aurelien Macara from France

Deskjockeys: Marcus Österberg and Martin Hecht from Sweden

Froydis & ME: Frøydis Sjøvold and Marie-Eve Mayrand from Norway/Canada

Ghostbusters: Korolko Aleksey Nikolaevich and Korolko Aleksey Alekseevich from Russia

H2 Continental: Peter Hauderowicz and Cezar Hauderowicz from Canada

Icicles: Andrej Mikulik and Petra Mikulik from Slovakia/Czech Republic Ola Denarp and Mats Ekström from Sweden

Midnighters: Andrei Atamanov and Evgeniya Kotlyarova from Russia

Navrhuju sníst psy: Honza Simek and Miroslav Schutz from Czech Republic

Northern Express: Eduard Radaev and Dmitriy Nikulichev from Russia

Old Grumpy Young Breed: Øystein Walle and Andreas Dyhr Petersen from Norway

P&S: Svetlana Freeder and Pavlína Herberová from Russia/Czech Republic

Pushing The Limits: Janne Riihelä and Petri Väisänen from Finland

Russo Turisto: Volkov Egor and Zolotarev Andrey from Russia

Secret Kite Club: Tom Magne Jonassen "Kite Viking" adn Lars Erik Tunby "Tuna" from Norway

Sky Country: Maxim Maximov and Sergey Maltsev from Russia

Snowkite Angels: Raimo Selen and Christelle Selen from Finland/France

Snowflakes: Monika Seidlova and Robert Sasak from Czech Republic/Slovakia

Sonic Boom Boys:  Nils Ivar Nilsen and Pål Andreassen from Norway

Spies: Alexey Stepanov and Boris Filimonov from Russia

Swedish Whiteout: Richard Wernersson and Hannah Eriksson from Sweden

Tana Husky: Dag Broch and his ten dogs from Norway

Team Borchsenius - Kiting4Cancer: Jo Borchsenius and Anders Borchsenius from Norway

Team Camilla: Camilla Nore and Camilla Ringvold from Norway

Team Nore v3: Henrik Nore and Haakon Nore from Norway

Team Sideshore: Lars L'Abee-Lund and Hans Rognerud from Norway

The Windy Alpboys: Jonas Lengwiler and Florian Gruber from Switzerland/Germany

Tornado Lou: Petr Petráš and Josef Nežerka from Czech Republic

WhiskyTango: Kyrre Flotve and Pål Erik Gustad from Norway


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