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Without our partners, there would not be a VAKE. We are proud to present them here. Do you want to be a VAKE-partner? 


 Scandic Vadsø  Sector Alarm Berlevaag pensjonat 

Scandic Vadsø is the kite-hotel. Host for participants, volunteers, audience - and sometimes all their gear. Provides lunch, rooms and hospitality. 

We thank Scandic Vadsø for their continous accomodating attitude.

Sector Alarm specializes in residential alarms and tailor solutions for individual homes with alarm products against both burglary, fire and water damage.

Sector Alarm is established in most places in Norway - also in Finnmark (Alta).

Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping ensures that our crew can rest and get a good nights sleep before the big day - the VAKE start.

VAKE is an enduro race for the crew as well as the competitors. 

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat's main goal is to make it as easy as possible to initiate Norwegian-Russian cooperation projects.





 Logo Varanger Peninsula National Park

 Sirkka Gården Logo Vardø hotel  Arctic Lavvu  Varanger sportslager

Varanger Peninsula National Park
supplies us with the permits we need to send 30 teams into the beautiful,
protected areas of the Varanger Peninsula.

  Sirkkagården and Kristian Sirkka
has always been a true VAKE-friend.
In 2018, the farm hosts the banquet and warms up the "stamp" for our teams.

Vardø hotel is always serviceminded and friendly.

Arctic Lavvo gave us
a good deal on our new CP tents.

Varanger sportslager gets us the things we need and they're always serviceminded. 



Partner Competitions  Partner Organizations        
TOKE 2014 Logo Norsk Kiteklubb ISKA World Ice and Snow Sailing Association    
Trans-Onego Kite Enduro is
our sister-competition in Russia.
Check it out!

Norsk Kiteklubb has always
been supportive of VAKE,
helping and pushing us when 
in need.

  WISSA is the World Ice & Snow
Sailing Association














Municipal Partners

Berlevåg kommune Båtsfjord kommune Nesseby kommune  Tana kommune Vadsø kommune Vardø kommune
Berlevåg municipality Båtsjord municipality Nesseby municipality Tana municipality Vadsø municipality Vardø municipality