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You can follow VAKE 2021 live on web with Twitter-feed, on Facebook, Instagram @vakefinnmark and out on the Peninsula. Wind and weather will determine our progress, so if you want to meet and greet us somewhere along the way, follow the live tracking


Tentative plan April 8-12 - will be updated


Tuesday, VAKE starts from Berlevåg Community House at 10:00. You can be there to cheer the teams on! Follow live on web to be updated.


Teams arrive CP Stjernevann in Tana from Tuesday. Follow live on web to be updated


The teams should be somewhere around CP Stjernevann in Tana, CP Jakobselva and CP Vadsø. CP Jakobselva is by snowmobile track, CP Vadsø is 800 meters above the waterworks station. Follow live on web to be updated.


The teams should be somewhere around CP Jakobselva, CP Vadsø and on their way to the finishing line! Follow live on web to be updated.

Audience at CP Vadsoe photo Ingerid Jordal

AUDIENCE at checkpoint Vadsø. Photo: Ingerid Jordal


Sector Alarm


Varangerhalvøya nasjonalpark