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Team H2 ContinentalBrothers Peter Hauderowicz (1974) and Cezar Hauderowicz (1975) is the VAKE 2017 edition of Team H2 Continental. Peter has been here twice before and now he's bringing Cezar, who eats pain for breakfast, to help him finish the race. Special skill: They know each other well enough not to blow up over tangled kite lines.

Photo: Private

Peter has participated in VAKE two times and are still trying to make it to the finish line. 

"I did a kayaking race this summer, 200 kilometers over two days, about 18 hours of kayaking per day. I thought that maybe VAKE was too tough for me, but it's not. It's a great combination of technical skills and physical endurance. It's gotta get done. Cezar wants to help, he's tough, eats pain for breakfast", Peter says.

Cezar has snow kited for about seven years and is very comfortable on skis in different and difficult conditions. He's an avid hunter with lots of experience in outdoor camping, winter camping and mountaineering.

Special skills

"We're brothers. We work together and live two minutes apart. We know each other well enough not to blow up over tangled kite lines. We're capable of not losing our shit under stress and pressure".


"Peter needs to finish this race. We'll never give up".