Mushing foto Ingerid JordalThe inspiration for Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro, came from the sled dog races. - Why not have a kite expedition race with checkpoints like Finnmarksløpet or Iditarod? we thought back then. And VAKE was born. Now we look back and take a step ahead.

Photo: Ingerid Jordal / VAKE

In 2018, musher Dag Broch from Tana Husky joins the VAKE expedition from start to finish with ten of his huskies. The dogsled team will follow the pace of the expedition and camp with us.

Try dog sledding

The VAKE expedition participants not only get to make friends with fellow kiters, they will get to enjoy the company of four-legged friends as well. And everyone will get the chance to do some dog sled riding during the expedition.

Entering new grounds

We’ve had mushers in VAKE before, bringing photographers out in the VAKE-route. But teaming up ten dogs and 30-40 kiters for the whole expediton, is entering new grounds for both VAKE and musher Dag Broch.

He is exited.

- Both mushers and kiters share the same mentality: Survival outdoors in all weather. Sled and pulkas packed with mandatory survival equipment. Navigation Skills. Checkpoints with mandatory rest. I have been thinking about participating in VAKE with my dogs for years. Two different ways of using natural forces meet for racing in the wilderness. Now I have the opportunity do this trip together with the kiters. I am really looking forward to this, says Dag Broch.

Kiters vs. Dogs in 2019?

Maybe the dogsled participation in the VAKE Expedition can be taken even one more step forward?

Who would have been the first team in Vardø in a competition? Dogs or kiters? Maybe we’ll find out in 2019. 

Join us in 2018? 

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Dogs and kiters foto Ingerid Jordal
EXPEDITION DOGS. Joining VAKE Expedition 2018, musher Dag Broch and ten dogs from Tana Husky. Photo: Ingerid Jordal/VAKE



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